Ryman Auditorium

A National Historic Landmark, Ryman Auditorium was built by Captain Thomas G. Ryman in 1892. Ryman Auditorium is an nine-time winner of the prestigious Pollstar Theatre of the Year award. The historic venue is well-known as the Mother Church of Country Music and is the most famous former home of Grand Ole Opry (1943-1974). The Ryman has been featured in numerous film and television projects including “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” “The Johnny Cash Show,” “American Idol,” “Nashville” and more. While offering a diverse lineup and thriving concert schedule (with over 200 shows per year), the venue is also open for daytime tours year-round. A coveted under-play for many, her iconic stage has seen the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Mumford and Sons and Tom Petty in recent years.

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1943 - 1974

Home of the Grand Ole Opry




Opened as the Union Gospel Tabernacle


became a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Landmark

Listed as a National Historic Landmark

$14 M

Renovation in 2015